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The name Maharani comes from India meaning Princess and the clothes I sell are beautiful – you would feel like a Princess in them. The stall is very colourful and has often been described like an Aladdin’s Cave.

On the stall I have a variety of goods from clothing to soft furnishing and for those interested in making their own clothes I sell saris and trimmings, both modern and antique.

The clothing extends from belly dancing to evening wear to vintage and to clothing made from old saris and are unique.

The skirts are made from saris with beautiful work are from €29 and the tops €15 - €30. The sari bags cost between €10 - €25.

Clothing for Bollywood Parties & Bollywood hens party

  • Shalwar Kameez which is a tunic with trousers. 
  • Lehngas which are traditional Indian wedding skirts available for Debs or balls. 
  • Saris and Choli (sari top)
  • Traditional Indian Jewellery, bindis and henna.
  • Men's traditional clothing, turbans, shoes, garlands.

Belly Dancing Clothing

  • Belly dancing tops are €19 - €49 and have beadwork and coins on them.
  • Skirts are €49 - €65, which also have beadwork and some coins on them.
  • Some of the skirts are suitable for tribal belly dance which are quite full.

Also available are coin belts €29
Coin anklets both silver and gold cost €10
And Coin necklaces – silver and gold cost €15

Chinese clothing/cushion covers/wall hangings

  • Ladies and gents chinese kimonos
  • Ladies Chinese dresses/tops/jackets
  • Mens Chinese tops
  • Childrens dresses and pyjamas

Japanese Clothing

  • Japanese Kimonos
  • Fans
  • Parasols
  • Geisha wigs

Soft Furnishings

  • Saris are from €19 and are suitable for draping.
  • Cushion covers are from €6.50
  • Wall – hangings are from €15. They are patchwork with antique embroidery or beadwork.

Indian Trimmings: Both modern trimmings and antique trimmings.


  • Resin
  • Frankincense resin
  • Myrrh
  • Benzoin
  • Frankincense with rose
  • Frankincense with amber
  • Frankincense with jasmine
  • Frankincense with musk

Natural derived incense: Sandal, Ambe, Jasmine

Selection of bakoor and oudhs

Selection of incense sticks and cones

Selection of incense burners

Charcoal discs


  • Large selection of Masks.

Do drop into Maharani and discover the treasure trove!


  • Telephone: (087) 905 4489
opening summer2016